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Our accessibility statement for our Art Bothy and various building site portacabins involves communicating information about the current accessibility features and considerations in place to ensure that individuals with disabilities can navigate and use our facilities effectively. Introduction: This accessibility statement applies to the portacabin located at Art Bothy - Stockingfield Art Park. We are committed to ensuring that our facilities are accessible to all individuals, including those with disabilities. This statement outlines the current accessibility features implemented in the portacabin to facilitate an inclusive environment. We are very aware of the current limitations we face as we undertake creative workshops and host members of the pubic to help us build scales for the Beithir. We are in temporary buildings on a developing site as the project evolves. Please be assured that we will do our utmost within our current circumstances to create an environment which is inclusive and accessible for everyone who wants to come build the Beithir with us. We will work directly with anyone to make sure needs are met and you have a lovely time creating with us. Please read through our site specifications and get in touch with us before booking to discuss your visit and make arrangements. Physical Accessibility: Entrance: - The portacabin is equipped with a ramp at the entrance to facilitate wheelchair access. The door entrance is 75cm wide. - Clear signage indicating the accessible entrance is prominently displayed. - Interior Space: - Adequate interior space is provided to accommodate wheelchair users and individuals with mobility aids. - Clear pathways are maintained to ensure unobstructed movement within the portacabin. Assistive Technologies: - Communication: - Visual and auditory communication systems are not yet in place to assist individuals with hearing or visual impairments. Though we have plans to develop these. - Information is presented in alternative formats upon request. Sanitary Facilities: - Toilets: - Accessible ground level toilet facilities are available, we do not as yet have facilities which include features such as grab bars and sufficient space for manoeuvring wheelchairs or changing spaces in toilet areas. Emergency Evacuation: - Evacuation Plan: - An accessible emergency evacuation plan is in place, including clear exit routes and procedures for individuals with disabilities. All our activities happen at ground level. - Staff are trained to assist individuals with disabilities during emergency situations. Communication: - Information: - Important information is provided in multiple formats, including written and visual formats on request. - Staff are trained to communicate effectively with individuals who have various communication needs. Parking: - Accessible Parking: - Designated accessible parking spaces are available near the portacabin entrance. Please indicate your requirements on booking. Feedback and Contact Information: We welcome feedback on the accessibility of our portacabin. If you encounter any barriers or have suggestions for improvement, please contact us at Future Improvements: We are committed to continuously improve the accessibility of our facilities as the site is developed. Future updates to this statement will reflect any enhancements made to further promote inclusivity. We will also be delivering workshop experiences throughout the year in local venues which are fully accessible for those with mobility issues. Conclusion: Our goal is to provide a welcoming and accessible environment for all individuals. This accessibility statement is intended to inform visitors and users about the measures in place to ensure equal access and participation. MAKE IT GLASGOW

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