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Make it Glasgow

​Make it Glasgow CIC is a social benefit, not for profit business. Established by artists Louise Nolan and Ruth Impey emerging from their partnership created through the making of the Many Hands Mosaic for Stockingfield Bridge.  We work on creative placemaking projects alongside local people who live, work, go to school, access services, or have connections to the North of Glasgow. We aim to build a sustainable business model and co-create projects which help build skills, confidence and improve our environment, creating a sense of local self-esteem and belonging.  Our process explores local industrial pottery heritage and shared clay stories to inspire and develop new projects and build relationships. We use our network and expertise to work in partnership with third sector organisations, public bodies, and the private sector to create well loved, well used community assets and products.  Our ambition is to establish a ceramics manufacturing base in North Glasgow reviving industrial ceramics skills and applications for contemporary ceramic learning, offering training and job opportunities which were once prevalent along the banks of the Forth and Clyde Canal.

Who we are

MAKE IT GLASGOW | ceramic tile design

Louise NolanLouise is a ceramicist and the local artist in residence for Maryhill. Her practice centres around community networks and collaborative design led practice. Louise is passionate about leadership and building vibrant and creative places to live, work and play. With an MPhil in Art and Design in organisational contexts from Glasgow School of Art focusing on visual arts in youth work settings, and over 25 years experience working in communities facilitating experiential learning, Louise believes in working alongside local people and communities to tackle the consequences of austerity, inequality and poverty.

Ruth ImpeyRuth is an artist and creative producer. Her practice is founded on the principle of making’s ability to assemble alternative relationships between objects, people and the wider world. Ruth trained as an apprentice potter and has an MA in History from the University of Edinburgh, an MA in in Museum Studies from the University of Leicester and recently completed the Create Place Leadership course at Staffordshire University. Ruth develops projects using the maker-tutor and heritage & museum skills practiced over the course of her career. Her expertise is in leading heritage projects, placemaking, Scottish and international ceramics research and technical ceramic knowledge.


Roisin ColyerRoisin is a key member of the MIG team. Roisin is a community-based artist currently studying an MA in art and social practice at the University of the Highlands and Islands. Their work is centred around collective experiences of material and making together. With an emphasis on creating an accessible environment for participation and engagement. Roisin’s work is rooted in their communities and the people, the places and the stories that embody them.

Together, Make it Glasgow have formed a company that is grounded in the local community and equipped with the skills to deliver successful, transformative, community rooted projects.



MAKE IT GLASGOW | ceramic tile design

We're mostly about tiles, pots, and great new locally made ceramics and design.

MAKE IT GLASGOW | ceramic tile design

We're connecting North Glasgow and its industrial past... learning, making and sharing clay stories.

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